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Heaven's Lofts follow well-established, eco-friendly building methods.

Heaven's Lofts uses cost-effective, eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable materials, as well as first-world building technologies in the construction of all loft and roof rooms. When you choose a Heaven's Loft extension, you can rest assured that your new room is causing no damage to the environment.

We Provide

  1. Grade 5 structural timber for the skeleton and shell of the building which will bear the wall frames and trusses.
  2. Cross bracing and noggins.
  3. Roof trusses, which are made on site and are bolted and nailed for extra strength.
  4. Nutec boards which clad the external wood frame shell and are plastered and painted. All finishes match existing structures.
  5. Isothem insulation and other approved insulation, to be installed inside the wall frames, under the floor and above the ceiling, regulating indoor temperatures and providing sound insulation.
  6. Floors, in a choice of tongue and groove Pine, Saligna or wood of your choice, or with a shutter ply base, suitable for carpeting, tiling and laminating.
  7. Internal wall finishes, consisting of 12.5 mm Rhino board, plastered with Rhinolite and painted in your choice of colour.
  8. Electrical wiring which allows for new circuit breakers for light and plug points. A compliance certificate is issued for all electrical work.
  9. Windows and doors of steel, hardwood, PVC or aluminium.
  10. Floors and walls, capable of supporting ceramic tiles and fittings.

All of Heaven's Lofts' lofts are constructed to the highest standards.

Technical Information

All Heaven's Lofts projects are built in accordance with SABS Codes of Practice for Timber Buildings and National Building Regulations. An independent engineers' certificate is issued for new structures as well.

Heaven's Lofts builds strictly according to SANS 10082 specifications for timber framing and National Building Regulations.

Structure - The structure is built using grade 5 SABS timber. The structure is cross braced, ensuring structural integrity. The frame is then clad with 9 mm NUTEC boards. These boards are then plastered and painted. The exterior of the structure is carefully matched with the existing property.

Insulation - High quality Isotherm is used in all wall cavities and above ceilings.

Roof - Roof covering is not limited. Anything from cement tiles, Harvey tiles, corrugated or IBR sheeting, to even slate is suitable. The existing roof covering from the existing structure is ordinarily re-used.

Internal Walls - 12.5 mm Gypsum board is used, which is plastered and painted according to your unique requirements. Wall tiles can be applied to the Gypsum board, using a special adhesive.

Window Frames - Frames can be made of wood, steel, or aluminium. The Floor Base - Shutterply is used for the floor. Laminates, carpets or even tiles can sit on top of Shutterply.

Staircases - Wood or steel staircases can be used. Ordinarily, all external stair cases are constructed from steel and internal ones, from wood.