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Q: Is my house suited for a roof room? There doesn't seem to be enough space inside my roof for a whole new room.
A: If you can touch the roof beam while standing in your roof or if this beam is higher than you can reach, then it's more than likely that you'll have enough space for a roof room. We move and replace existing trusses to make the required space and will even re-position geysers if they're in the way.

Q: How much room do I need inside my roof to build a loft room?
A: A loft room can be built with very little space on offer – all that's needed, is crawling space.

Q: What type of finishes can I expect?
A: Your finished room will have all the fittings and finishes you would expect in a brick-built extension, including electrical installations, plumbing and wall or floor tiling. The choice is yours.

Q: Who will be designing my extension and will I need municipal approval?
A: Our team of specialist designers will design your extension, based on careful consideration of your unique likes and dislikes, as well as the practical requirements of the new addition. Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In terms of municipal approval; this isn't ordinarily required when adding loft storage, but might be for rooms which will be lived in.

Q: How long will it take for my new storage space or room to be constructed?
A: Adding storage space to a property can take as little as a day to construct, but a larger room build could take around six to eight weeks or slightly longer to complete, depending on the size of the addition of course.

Q: How much will a roof or loft room cost?
A: The size of your roof or loft room will determine the cost. Prices are calculated on a square-metre basis. Additional costs for plumbing, electrical, staircases and balconies, could be incurred. Let Heaven's Lofts come out to your property to quote – contact us (hyperlink to Contact us) to make arrangements.

Q: How safe is a wood/timber construction in fire?
A: Timber can withstand temperatures of up to 2000°C. At this temperature, brick and mortar as well as steel, would also be at risk. In fact, steel will start to bend and buckle between 800°C and 900°C. Your timber/wood frame structure will be designed to limit air flow inside the wall and floor cavities. Thus, slowing down the rate of a potential fire and limiting damage that might be incurred. This also allows for enough time for evacuation.

Q: What guarantees can I expect?
A: Heaven's Lofts guarantees our workmanship and materials for 9 months and our structures, for five years. There are no hidden clauses or small print.