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Loft Rooms Go Hand In Glove with Sustainable Energy

Loft rooms are all about saving the environment; products used for these fine, attractive structures are made from natural products and have very little impact on the environment. Because loft rooms are made from natural wood it means that bricks and mortar are not used in the construction of these lofty delights, and if you are keen to go one step further to green your space, make use and incorporate solar energy.

Where Does The Greening Begin? Solar Simply Means Powering A Clean Energy Future:

South Africa’s electricity demand is currently in the region of 37 000 Megawatts but it is expected to double by 2030. An abundance of coal has historically allowed South Africans to enjoy cheap, coal-fuelled power – however to overcome electricity generation capacity shortages the price of electricity has and will continue to increase alarmingly.

Combined with a growing poplar understanding of the effect caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gases, alternative methods of generating electricity or reducing the demand of electricity in an environmentally-friendly manner are high on the national agenda. Most interesting though is that the most important supplier of energy to the earth is not coal, but the sun.

The sun gives us light, warmth, and is efficiently bottomless and infinitely renewable and has an estimated life expectancy of five billion years. Southern Africa is blanketed in a solar resource availability that is one of the highest in the world and has sunshine almost all year round. Probably the first solar technology that people think about is photovoltaic cells – the first silicon solar cells, created in 1954 which used the solar radiation to create direct current electricity.

The variation in the different uses and scale of solar power usage shows that from powering an on-off grid building in a remote area and heating water at ordinary peoples’ home through to electricity generation on a mass-scale – both day and night – the promise of solar power shines through as the unlimited energy source for a sustainable future.

If you are thinking of adding a loft room, install a solar system to warm your water and light up your life to make your world green.