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Green Equation

Heaven's Lofts uses cost-effective, eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable materials, as well as first-world building technologies in the construction of all loft and roof rooms. When you choose a Heaven's Loft extension, you can rest assured that your new room is causing no damage to the environment.

The facts

All products and materials sourced from nature have a carbon footprint which is measured by the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere during manufacturing and distribution.

Brick and mortar have a high carbon footprint. During manufacturing, clay and limestone are extracted from the earth and are never replaced within the natural resource. Timber however, is a sustainable resource. For every tree cut down in a well-maintained, certified forest, two trees will be planted, multiplying the availability of the resource and adding to the future benefit of the environment.

All raw materials need to be processed: materials are delivered to the manufacturing plant and from there to the supplier and end users. Each step of the supply chain, whether for timber or brick and mortar, requires the involvement of heavy machinery and transport which contribute to CO2 emissions and subsequently, a higher carbon footprint. Wood however, saves on carbon emissions and energy usage - because it is so lightweight, the need for heavy machinery and transporting vehicles are reduced.

Timber also benefits the environment in a way that clay never can: by acting as a carbon sink, similar to a sponge. During its lifetime, wood absorbs and holds carbon, giving it the lowest carbon cost of any building material. In fact, it will hold and convert more carbon during its growing years than the combined CO2 and energy emissions created during manufacture and construction. The only time timber releases carbon into the atmosphere is when it decomposes or burns.

The conclusion

A wood frame home will hold approximately 0.8 tons of carbon per square metre. Combined with its lifetime carbon absorption and the neutralizing and cut-back of transport and machinery emissions, a Heaven's Lofts timber frame structure will save and cut back on up to two tons of carbon from the atmosphere; compared to a conventional brick and mortar structure which will add anything up to twelve tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

Is it then such a wonder that 80% of the developed world lives in wood frame homes?