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South Africans have become so accustomed to living and working in homes and buildings made of brick, concrete and steel, that the eco-friendly and sustainable option of wood structures aren't always the natural choice.

But the benefits of building with wood are immense:

Wood is lighter than brick

  • We will not need to underpin your foundations to extend your home upwards.
  • Wood requires lighter foundations than brick, so we're able to erect larger structures even if ground conditions are poor i.e. in areas with clay soil.
  • Lighter structures and foundations equals less expense.

Wood is dry

  • No setting time is needed which speeds up construction.
  • Adverse weather conditions do not slow down construction.
  • Electricians and plumbers can begin work before the structure is complete with the added benefit of easy installation.
  • With no need for cement or sand, construction sites are much cleaner than on conventional building sites.
  • There is a lower risk of shrinkage and subsequent structural damage, so there are fewer call-backs.

Wood is Green

  • Heaven's Lofts uses sustainable wood, making this the only true environmentally friendly, renewable building option.
  • Wood has a low carbon footprint.
  • Wood's insulation properties also reduce your own carbon footprint, as fewer resources will be wasted on heating and cooling.

Wood is economical

  • Building with wood typically result in a 30% quicker turnaround time than building with brick and mortar, meaning lower expenses on your part.
  • Wood is more controllable and predictable, which further translates into savings.
  • Since all materials are custom-prepared for each site, there are no excess stored on site – resulting in reduced waste due to theft and/or over-ordering.
  • After completion, wooden structures continue to save you money – with lower heating and cooling bills.

Wood is flexible

  • With wood, our designers have more flexibility when designing your room or house.
  • There are many external finishes and cladding which wood alone, can use.
  • Once built, wooden structures continue to offer flexibility – you can add on with ease.